What is ‘ASUISHI Physician Training Program:Leaders to Improve Tomorrow’s Healthcare’?

Healthcare with safety and peace of mind is a wish held by all,
including patients, their families, medical professional teams,
personnel operating healthcare institutions, healthcare industries,
and society as a whole.

‘ASUISHI Physician Training Program:Leaders to Improve
Tomorrow’s Healthcare’ is a project to lend an ear to
the concern of such people and contemplate the model sought
by all for the tomorrow’s healthcare.We have developed the
program from the desire to entrust the needs of healthcare
institutions seeking the tomorrow’s healthcare to the
physicians leading those institutions.

The ASUISHI Project
consists of the following two programs:

【Physician Training Program】

The Physician Training Program offers a curriculum of
about 140 hours.
It is designed to develop physicians who can put into practice the competencies sought in the human resources who will lead the core departments of the healthcare institutions.
Its goal is to convey the working knowledge of our institution’s core departments along with global trends in infection control and patient safety management, and, in the main course in particular,to convey means of practicing process-based quality incorporation & intgration methods established by Toyota Motor Corporation,in order to enhance the safety of healthcare.

【Talented-Physician Hub Center Program】

The Talented-Physician Hub Center Program will develop programs to offer continuing support for participants.
As the work of core departments consists of management work, a number of barriers hinder the putting of acquired knowledge into practice.We believe that advice and knowledge from ASUISHI project members, or from like-minded colleagues taking the course, will come alive to address matters of how to set objectives for healthcare institutions and how to resolve issues.
The Talented-Physician Hub Center Program will consist of mechanisms for continued support, including updates to knowledge base and techniques.Through the sharing of data and benchmarking, it will promote further improvement in institutions.


Quality control methods based on the TOYOTA philosophy, including “Manufacturing means human resource development” and “The next processes are our customers,” have widely taken root in industry.In the tomorrow’s healthcare, we believe that there is a need to address problems at their roots under a patient-first policy, and to introduce methods of total quality management(TQM) that rethink processes from the workplace to the management of the healthcare institution.Our hospital, too, has just begun means of adopting TQM aimed at patient safety.Let us learn together and diligently realize the quality improvements sought by all in tomorrow’s healthcare.We look forward to the participation of many healthcare institutions.
【Contact Us】
ASUISHI project promotion office, Nagoya University Hospital
65 Tsurumai-cho, Showa-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi Prefecture
TEL : +81-52-744-2609